BSS Hochspannungstechnik GmbH
Monitoring & Diagnose


The BSS Hochspannungstechnik GmbH develops innovative sensor technology, instrumentation and monitoring systems for power engineering industry equipment.

 BSS supports transmission system operators and manufacturers with various services such as in-house training and diagnostic measurements e.g. for the PD localization on power transformers.




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HFCT-20 & HFCT-300

The new BSS High Frequency Current Transformers for PD Measurement HFCT-20 and HFCT-300. The smaller HFCT-20 has a higher sensitivity than the HFCT-300 and with the bigger HFCT-300 a PD measurement is possible even when high AC currents up to 300 A (50Hz or 60 Hz) are superimposed.


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